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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shatter: a new EP and video by Triptykon

It has finally arrived, the new EP by Tom Gabriel Warrior's band Triptykon entitled Shatter Eparistera Daimones Accompanied. I was really anticipating this follow-up to the album, a piece I had also highly anticipated. I was not disappointed, as the title track and the second song, I Am The Twilight, are awesome, definitely an extension of the album. The third track, Crucifixus, is an earlier released demo, a spooky, atmospheric instrumental piece. The last two cuts are live versions of the Celtic Frost songs Circle of the Tyrants and Dethroned Emperor. Overall, a great, heavy, angry EP, and as the title implies an accompaniment to the earlier album. As awesome as the live CF tracks are, I would rather have seen two more unreleased Triptykon tracks, forward the new identity and leave the old behind. Not a disappointment, but what I would have rather seen included.

When the album, Eparistera Daimones, was first released, I ordered it as a digital download. I thought it was so great, when the EP was released I ordered it and the album in CD format. Great to have hard copies, and the booklets. Tom has liner notes after the lyrics of each song, cool little insights and blurbs about each piece. If you are a fan of his earlier bands Celtic Frost or Hellhammer, both the album and EP are a must, but expect something fresh and new, something evolved into a deeper, darker, angrier evil. Check out the band's official site for ordering details: http://www.triptykon.net/

I am a big fan of Tom and his art, his bands from Hellhammer to Celtic Frost to Apollyon Sun and now Triptykon. But Tom is an artist in several ways. Check out his 'Self, Deceased' series. I very much want to own one of these elegantly disturbing pieces of artwork someday: http://selfdeceased.blogspot.com/

Triptykon has also released a video for the title track, Shatter. Check it out at the bottom of the blog, in the Rock & Troll block.

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