let us never forget that the human race with technology is like an alcoholic with a barrel of wine
~ Ted Kaczynski ~

The Jeff Freels Transplant Fund

The Creator of the BEAN d2 RPG needs our help:

My work has appeared in ...

~ AlienSkin
~ Postcard Shorts
~ Niteblade
~ Flashes in the Dark
~ Microhorror
~ Flashshot
~ Necrotic Tissue
~ Every Day Poets
~ joyful!
~ Getting Something Read (and Getting REaD)
~ Sketchbook (and The Little Black Book)
~ Amaze: The Cinquain Journal
~ Circle Magazine
~ Mirror of Isis
~ Isis-Seshat Magazine
~ The Pagan's Muse Poetry Anthology
~ Reflections: A Publication of the Northeast Council of W.I.C.C.A.
~ Westchester Generations
~ Westchester County Business Journal
~ The Sound Shore Review
~ The Viking Viewpoint