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Friday, October 1, 2010

New Blog Launched

As I am sure has been noticed, I have gotten a bit rabid about P&PRPGs again, particularly Tunnels & Trolls and related games by Ken St. Andre and others. To avoid clogging up DECADENT BLOSSOMS with endless posts about RPG gaming, I've decided to launch a new blog dedicated to just that. I call it TROLL HAMMER, and you can find it here: http://trollhammerpress.blogspot.com/

TROLL HAMMER is also a precursor for another event, the future birth of TROLL HAMMER PRESS, but you'll have to follow future posts at the new blog to learn more.

I have been hard at work on several RPG projects which will be announced in the near future at TROLL HAMMER.

So, back to the business of poetry, my writing, and dark interests here at DECADENT BLOSSOMS, and off for a bit of RPG escapist fun at TROLL HAMMER.


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