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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Emperor Returns

Tom G. Fischer, the Emperor of extreme occult metal, is back! His latest band, Triptykon, completes his musical triptych of extreme occult metal (Hellhammer~Celtic Frost~Triptykon). Eparistera Daimones is an album I was highly anticipating. I purchased the mp3 version (wanted that instant gratification), and it came with a digital booklet, which is a very cool extra, containing images, lyrics, and liner notes. Every digital album should include one!

The music is no disappointment either. Extremely heavy, generally fast with slower parts mixed in, and of course Fischer's signature vocals, although he sounds even angrier and raspier than usual. Triptykon is well conceived and well constructed death/occult metal, and Fischer has selected a talented band to back him up.

Every song on this album is a dark piece of musical artwork, but my top 3 personal faves are:

Abyss Within My Soul
A Thousand Lies
Myopic Empire

The Japanese release contains a bonus track, which I have heard is awesome. I have also heard that an EP is planned for later in the year, so perhaps it will contain the bonus song.

Triptykon's homepage: http://www.triptykon.net/

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