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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The REAL Dead Poets Society

This is great stuff!

A gentleman by the name of Walter Skold has a passion for visiting the gravesites of dead American poets. He embarked on a 90 day journey in his 'poemobile' across country photo documenting, holding poetry readings, and creating what he calls 'tombstone art' at the gravesites of famous and forgotten American poets. His tombstone art consists of photo collages created at the gravesites using the tombstone and props related to the poet's life, death, and work.

He intends on making this an ongoing project, and he is encouraging others to join him by photo documenting, submitting tombstone art, and/or holding graveside poetry readings.

What a wonderfully dark and morbid way to honor poets who have passed on. I think I just might consider joing in the fun, I love old boneyards and cemeteries, and of course, dead poets!

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Anonymous said...

I have visited the grave of Adelaide Crapsey and her family, in Rochester, NY. That was the night I got locked in the cemetery and later escorted out by the police. There are LOTS of poets around NY to document...some right there near you in Westchester. The Grand Tour Map has some of them marked.

Paul Ingrassia said...

Crapsey is one of the poets I had in mind, seeing as she is among my favorites. I just need to find the time to get up to Rochester someday. I would love to see any pictures you may have taken of the gravesite, and I wouldn't mind hearing a few more details of your story from that night.

Thanks for the tip!